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Marcel Equipment’s Machine Preparation Processes


Buying used heavy equipment can be a nerve-racking experience even for the most experienced purchaser. Questions spin around your head; do you know who you are buying from, are they well known in the industry, do they have any references, how long have they been in business, do they own the piece of equipment they are selling, do they have any previous history on the machine, how can I be confident in the machine I am buying, was it an insurance write-off, will I get what they say I will, is it as good as they are saying it is, why does it not come with any warranty?

We at Marcel Equipment are here to take all that guess work away from you and eliminate the potential nerve-racking experience. Let us do the worrying for you and take on the risk.

At Marcel Equipment, each employee takes pride in the product we sell. We stand behind our product and everyone of our employees are proud of each machine that leaves here with the Marcel Equipment name on it. 

We are fully transparent in everything we do.  We provide complete and factual details on each machine including visual inspection results, operational testing results, pressure testing results, current and previous repair history, Cat undercarriage inspection reports, pictures and specifications. We take pride in providing you with complete details on everything we know. We go above and beyond anyone else in the industry to ensure that you know the full details on what you are purchasing. Nothing leaves our yard with a known issue. We complete all needed repairs the right way with no short cuts.  We can provide many references from our past customers whom have purchased one unit from us or multiple units over the years.

In order to eliminate risks for both ourselves and the end user, we follow stringent processes for each machine. That is why we have developed and fine tuned our reconditioning process over the last 45 years.


Prior to purchase, we complete background history checks and/or have the machines inspected in order to weed out any machine that may have any serious mechanical problems or be from a previous detrimental application.

Once the machine arrives to our yard, all panels and covers are removed and machines are completely power washed.

Our shop foreman then completes his inspection, listing any items that require attention or repair.

Machines are then put through a complete operational testing process and visual inspection by our mechanics.

They are then serviced and all filters are cut open to inspect for contaminates.

All suction screens, magnetic plugs and strainers are checked closely for contaminates.

Non-filtered oils are also checked for contaminates and discolouration.

Pressure checks are completed and adjusted on the engine, transmission and all hydraulic systems to ensure they are within OEM spec.

Performance checks are completed such as; engine high and low idle speeds, turbo boost, torque converter stall speeds and engine performance to ensure correct engine horsepower as well as to ensure the transmission and torque converter are operating at optimum efficiency.

Once the inspection and servicing are complete, all required repairs are completed which may include but not limited to;

  • Electrical system
  • Monitoring system
  • Fuel system
  • Steering system
  • Air intake and Exhaust system
  • Cooling system
  • Changing of hoses, tubes and lines
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Air conditioning and heating system
  • Glass replacement
  • Operator station repairs
  • Undercarriage repairs and replacement
  • Joint wear at pins and bushings
  • Line boring of joint pin bosses
  • Axle oscillation points
  • Grease systems and/or lines
  • All needed repairs are completed by our knowledgeable staff.
  • Machines are then operated and rechecked for any further required repairs.
  • Machines then move to our welding & cosmetic repair shop where welding repairs are completed to the frame structures.
  • Railings, steps and sheet metal repairs are completed.
  • Machines are then taped up, sandblasted, primed, painted and new decals installed in our painting facility.
  • Our shop foreman completes one last visual and operational inspection.
  • Machines then go through our Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) before delivery takes place.
  • At the end of the inspection, the technician is asked…Would you be happy if you purchased this machine? The unit will not be shipped until the answer is YES.  

This process ensures machines are work ready and in top operating condition when delivered to our customers.

This is our Process… “Doing it Right Today to Earn Your Business Tomorrow”


The primary benefit of purchasing a piece of rebuilt equipment is cost savings. In many cases the price on a rebuilt machine is significantly less than that of a new machine. Looking at it another way, you can sometimes buy two pieces of reconditioned equipment for the same amount of money you would spend on one new machine. You can end up with equipment that is "like new" at far less cost and, in the process, improve the reliability and availability of your fleet.

Before deciding if rebuilt equipment is right for you, it is important to consider many factors.

Rebuilt equipment is used equipment that has undergone steps to offset the effects of wear and tear. Unlike most used equipment, rebuilt equipment is refurbished to improve its condition. However, the degree to which a machine is reconditioned depends on two things: the vendor that is performing the process and the standards and guidelines they follow.

Like the definition of rebuilt, the scope of work varies. The best rebuilding and reconditioning programs include a rigorous process that performs a complete teardown of the machine and looks at all the major systems: electrical, hydraulic, drivetrain, structural components, operator station, hoses and cylinders. 

Carefully consider whom the provider is as you shop for rebuilt/reconditioned equipment.  Begin your search by asking for a detailed description of the scope of work the provider performs. What items in the major systems are typically replaced, rebuilt or repaired? What systems or components are not replaced? Are machine parts rebuilt by an OEM or to OEM standards?  What is the previous history on the machine? Do they have a serial number of the machine? An important part of any rebuild program is to start with a good core machine.

Finally, consider the experience of the provider - how long have they rebuilt equipment, how many machines have they rebuilt, and how frequently do they rebuild equipment? It is also a good idea to ask for and check several references to be sure they will attest to the quality of the provider's work.

Let Marcel Equipment answer all those questions for you and instil the confidence you need to make an informed and educated decision.

At Marcel Equipment, we have been rebuilding Landfill Compactors and Dozers for over 40 years.

Our experienced tradespeople know what to look for, what areas are problematic, what needs to be completed to increase reliability and how to produce an end product that can go right to work with no issues.

The rebuilt units go through our typical reconditioning process but can also include rebuilding or replacement of the machines;

  • Engine
  • Torque convertor
  • Transmission
  • Transfer case
  • Drive line
  • Hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Complete fuel systems
  • Wiring Harnesses
  • Cooling assemblies
  • Final drives
  • Axles
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Cab reconditioning

We can offer Marcel Equipment Rebuilds using our experienced technicians like we have done for years with great success.


In conjunction with our local Cat dealer, we can offer units with Cat Certified Rebuild Machine Components (CMCR) which can carry extended warranties supported by Cat dealers all over North America. In working with the Cat dealer, the engine, torque, transmission and transfer case are rebuilt at their rebuild facility. The components are rebuilt to strict guidelines and procedures for Cat Certified specifications and bench/dyno tested upon completion.  

Marcel Equipment Limited is… “Doing it Right Today to Earn Your Business Tomorrow”

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