Machine Hours: 862 - ECM Idle Hours: 716

VOLVO PL3005D Excavator Pipelayer


  • VOLVO D8H Engine
  • Espar Heater System
  • Enclosed Cab with Air Conditioning
  • Hydraulically Elevated Cab
  • 24 Foot Boom
  • 6 Foot Boom Extension
  • 31.5" Rubber Pads
  • 51 Ton Tipping Capacity
  • Hydro-Mechanical Slew Lock
  • Flag Block
  • Load Management System
  • Load Management System Light Bar
  • Anti Two-Block
  • Rear and Side View Cameras
  • VOLVO Matris Report is Available
  • Rated at 227 HP.
  • Approximately 82,000 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Upon purchase inspection and servicing, the following was completed:

Engine oil filter was cut open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Drained the engine oil and refilled with NEW oil.

Hydraulic filters were cut open and checked and they were clean.

Final drive oil levels were good and oils were clean.

Swing drive oil level was good and oil was clean.

The following repairs and servicing was completed by Marcel Equipment Limited:

Load tested the batteries and replaced two batteries with NEW ones.

Installed NEW fuel filters.

Installed NEW air filters.

Installed NEW cab air filters.

Installed a NEW cab mirror.

Repaired the weight sensor wiring.

Installed a NEW load block latch.

Checked the Espar engine heater system for proper operation.

Greased machine.

Checked machine and side boom operation.

Engine oil pressure: 63 PSI

Fuel pressure: 87.5 PSI

Hydraulic pressure: 5300 PSI

This is a like new unit that is ready to work.