Machine Hours: 11,015


  • Volvo D9BADE3 Diesel Engine
  • Rebuilt Engine
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Powershift/Autoshift Transmission
  • Secondary Steering
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Exhaust Retarder
  • Michelin 750/65R25 Wide Tires
  • 6x6 Traction
  • 100% Differential Lock on all Axles
  • Automatic Torque Lockup
  • Heated Box
  • Rear Window Guard
  • 30.8 Ton Capacity
  • Lights, Heater, Wipers
  • AM/FM Radio, Heated Mirrors
  • Amber Safety Light
  • VOLVO Matris Report is Available
  • Rated at 343 HP.
  • Approximately 50,850 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Following is the list of repairs, maintenance and servicing completed by Marcel Equipment Limited at 10613 Hrs.:

Engine oil filters were removed, cut open and checked for contaminates, they were clean.

Transmission filter and screen were clean.

Hydraulic filter was clean.

All 3 differential oil levels were good and oils were clean.

All 6 wheel planetaries oil levels were good and oils were clean.

Performed a stall test on engine and found engine has excessive blow by.


  • Fuel injectors, turbo charger and cylinder head all rebuilt.
  • All new cylinder packs installed
  • Removed pump drive and inspected (all good)
  • Resealed fuel pumps
  • Installed a new engine oil pump
  • Sent crankshaft for inspection (all good)
  • NEW oils put in engine, hydraulic system and transmission.
  • NEW engine coolant.

Checked articulation joint (good).

Checked oscelation joint (good).

Checked all steering pins, left cylinder pins and box hinge (all good).

Repaired box heater system.

Installed new batteries.

Repaired windshield washer system.

Checked all belts and tensioners (good).

Checked all U joints on drive line (good).

Checked all gauges, switches etc.

Checked 6 wheel drive system (good).

Checked all brake calipers and pads (good).

Checked all tire pressures (60 PSI).

NEW bushings installed in tandem suspension bar.

Checked air conditioning system (good).

Replaced hood left switch.

Checked all miscellaneous items: door latches, wipers, lights, heater etc.

Checked all grease points.

This is an excellent truck, ready to work.