Machine Hours: 2920

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  • Liebherr D936L Diesel Engine
  • Air Conditioning
  • 30" TBG Pads
  • Impact Resistant Glass on Front and Roof of Cab
  • Removable Counterweight
  • Additional Counterweight
  • Load Holding Valves on Boom Cylinders  
  • Hydraulic Tank Shut-Off Valve
  • LaBounty MSD4500R (2010) Saber Hydraulic Rotating Shear - REBUILT
  • 180° Reversible Bolt on Saber Tip
  • Dual Guide Slide Puck System
  • Spool Type Speed Valve
  • Lights, Mirrors, Radio
  • Rated at 326 HP.
  • Approximate Weight of Shear is 19,500 LBS.
  • Total Approximate Weight is 126,500 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Following our purchase inspection, the following repairs were completed:

This unit was serviced and checked over.

Engine oil filter was cut open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Hydraulic filters were also cut open and they were clean.

Both final drive oil levels were good and oils were clean.

The swing drive oil level was good and oil was clean.

Repaired all work lights.

Repaired the cab door handle.

Installed NEW OEM front window glass.

Installed NEW exterior mirrors.

Replaced all pilot lines from the pump to the cab with NEW ones.

Installed a NEW rear crankshaft seal.

Resealed the engine oil pan.

Installed NEW seals on the hydraulic pump shafts.

Resealed the hydraulic pump drive box.

Installed NEW hydraulic connector lines for the shear.

Resealed the hydraulic suction tubes.

Completed required cosmetic repairs.

The following repairs were completed to the LaBounty MSD4500R Shear:

Cleaned and disassembled the shear to inspect for any required repairs.

Welded all areas back to within required specifications.

Cleaned, inspected and repaired all the blade seats.

Disassembled, inspected and resealed the rotate manifold.

Disassembled, inspected and resealed the rotation motor.

Disassembled, inspected and resealed the rotate drive gear box.

Disassembled, inspected and resealed the hydraulic cylinder.

Disassembled, inspected and resealed the speed valve.

Installed NEW main pivot bearings.

Installed a NEW upper jay to the cylinder bearing.

Installed a NEW barrel end cylinder bearing.

Inspected the rotate bearing tolerance to ensure was within specifications.

Measured the NEW adjustment plates.

Installed a NEW blade set.

Repaired the access doors and panels.

Set machine pressures to specifications.

Mounted the shear on the machine.

Ran unit to test - 10 to 12 second cycle time.

Machine and Shear are now work ready.