JOHN DEERE 872G MOTOR GRADER (2012) - Unit #M3527
Machine Hours: 5369


  • John Deere 6090 HDW01 Powertech Engine
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • 17.5R25 Snow and Ice Tires
  • 6 Wheel Drive
  • Conventional Steering Wheel
  • Front and Rear Fenders
  • 14 Foot Moldboard Plus 2 Foot Extension
  • NEW Henke AWH12 Snow Wing
  • Lights, Mirrors, Wipers
  • Heater, AM/FM Radio
  • Ex-Municipal Unit
  • Rated at 300 HP.
  • Approximately 48,000 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Prior to purchase, Marcel Equipment Limited hired a local John Deere employed mechanic to inspect this unit as follows:

Engine, transmission and hydraulic filters were cut open and inspected for any contaminates and they were all clean.

A general overall visual inspection for any deficiencies or needed repairs.

A general overall operational inspection for any deficiencies or needed repairs.

Some particular areas of concern were to have this unit:

- Inspected visually for engine blowby by removing the engine oil fill cap.

- Checked for wear in the front axle kingpins and tie-rod ends.

- Checking for any leaks and filings in the front planetaries.

- Checking for leaks on the rear differential inbetween the mating surfaces and checking for filings in the rear differential.

- Checking for leaks at the pivot on the chain drive case.

- Checking for bearing play at the chain drive case pivots.

- Checking for play in all cylinder joints.

- Checking for play in the articulation.

No issues were found on the above inspected items.