CAT 980M Wheel Loader

CAT 980M WHEEL LOADER - #L3643 (2014)

WARRANTY INCLUDED Unit was Delivered New March of 2015CAT Dealer Maintained with 3157 Hours - ECM Idle Hours: 1228, CAT TA1 Complete Inspection Available - AC, Joystick Steering, Ride Control, Cold Weather Arrangement, 29.5 x 25 Tires, 7.5 CU YD GP Bucket, Rear View Camera, Fire Extinguisher. This Unit Only Worked in a Very Light Application. Video is Available for Viewing.

CAT 980K Wheel Loader

CAT 980K WHEEL LOADER - #L6621 (2012)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 8203 Hours - ECM Idle Hours: 3059 - Load Factor: 19%, Forestry Package - Includes Additional Counterweight, Bottom Guarding and Heavy Duty Tilt Cylinders, AC, 3rd Valve Auxiliary Hydraulics, Cold Weather Arrangement, Joystick Steering, Ride Control, Flood Light Arrangement, Front and Rear Axle Oil Coolers, Turbine Precleaner, Rear View Camera, CAT 7.5 CU YD GP Bucket with NEW CAT Base Edge and AR400 Liner, CAT 10.75 CU YD Light Material Bucket is Available, 29.5x25 Michelin XHA2 L3 Tires. This unit was only used as a yard loader in a very light application.

CAT 980H WHEEL LOADER - #L0779 (2007)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 15606 Hours, AC, Ride Control, Axle Oil Coolers, 7.5 Cubic Yard GP Bucket, 29.5 x 25 Tires.

CAT 972M WHEEL LOADER - #L2641 (2014)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 8656 Hours - ECM Idle Hours: 2723 - Load Factor: 27%, AC, Front Differential Lock, Ride Control, 6.25 Cubic Yard GP Bucket with BOE, 26.5 x 25 Tires, Stick Steer, Autogrease System, Rear View Camera.

Komatsu WA500-7 Wheel Loader

KOMATSU WA500-7 WHEEL LOADER - #L2559 (2014)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 4402 Hours - ECM Idle Hours: 1056, AC, Torque Converter Lockup, Auto Reverse Cooling Fan, Stick and Wheel Steering, General Purpose Bucket with BOE and NEW AR400 Liner, In Cab Bucket and Boom Positioner, Ride Control, 29.5 x 25 Michelin Tires, Rear View Camera, Heated Seat.

Komatsu WA500-7 Wheel Loader

KOMATSU WA500-7 WHEEL LOADER - #L0933 (2013)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 5992 Hours, NEW Engine Installed Under Warranty at 5134 Hours - 860 Hours Ago, AC, Torque Converter Lockup, 7.3 Cubic Yard GP Bucket with BOE, Michelin XHA2 29.5R25 Tires at 90%, Ride Control, Auto Reverse Cooling Fan, In Cab Bucket and Boom PositionerUnit was Previously Under Komatsu Care Service Every 500 Hours Since New, Rear View Camera. 

Komatsu WA500-6 Wheel Loader

KOMATSU WA500-6 WHEEL LOADER - #L3888 (2008)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 13073 Hours, Very Straight Loader with Tier 3 Engine, AC, Torque Converter Lockup, No Wear on Original Komatsu 7.3 Cubic Yard GP Bucket with BOE, In Cab Bucket and Boom Positioner, 29.5 x 25 Tires, Reversing Fan, Turbo II Engine Pre-Cleaner. Used in a Light Material Application. Video is Available for Viewing.

John Deere 744K Wheel Loader

JOHN DEERE 744K WHEEL LOADER - #L3348 (2014)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 6878 Hours, Locking Front Differential, AC, Axle Coolers, Ride Control, 5.25 Cubic Yard Bucket with BOE, NEW 26.5R25 Radial Tires, Fenders. This unit has only worked in a light application. Video is Available for Viewing.

CAT 966K WHEEL LOADER - #L8831 (2013)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 7990 Hours - 48% Idle Time, Engine Block Heater, AC, High Ambient Cooling System, Variable Pitch Cooling Fan, Limited Slip Front and Rear Differencials, 6.5 Cubic Yard Bucket with Top Clamp, Ride Control, Third Hydraulic Valve, Quck Coupler, 26.5 x 25 Flexport Tires, Sentinel Shut Down System, Ansul Fire Suppression System, Rear View Camera.

KOMATSU WA430-6 WHEEL LOADER - #L0317 (2011)

WARRANTY INCLUDED - 5632 Hours, AC, Large Capacity Torque Converter, Wet Multidisc Brake System, JRB Quick Coupler, 4.6 Cubic Yard GP Bucket, Hydraulic Cooling Fan with Reverse Rotation, 23.5 x 25 Tires.

JOHN DEERE 210LE Skip Loader


One Owner Unit with Approximately 5250 Hours - 4 Speed Torque Converter Transmission, Enclosed Cab, 1.12 Cubic Yard 4 in 1 Bucket, 3 Point Hitch Ripper Assembly, Multi-Position Box Scraper, 4 Wheel Drive, 7 Foot Cameco, 12-16.5 Front Tires, 24-16.9 Weighted Rear Tires, Scarifier.



Light Material Handling Bucket - Fits Cat 980K, 980G and 980H Wheel Loaders, 10.75 Cubic Yard Capacity, Part Number 194-3128.


Bucket Fits Cat 970F Wheel Loaders.


CAT 980H Segments/Cutting Edges/Teeth and Shanks. Part Number: 1359667. 7 Segments/Cutting Edges, 8 Teeth with Shanks.

CAT 950/962/972 ADAPTERS - - #M0086

Adapters fit Cat 950, Cat 962 and Cat 972 Loaders, NEW, Part Number 8E5308, 3 Available.

CAT 950/953/963/966 ADAPTERS - - #M0085

Adapters fit Cat 950, Cat 953, Cat 963 and Cat 966 Loaders, NEW, Part Number 3G4309, 3 Available.

CAT 950/953/963/966 ADAPTERS - - #M0084

Adapters fit Cat 950, Cat 953, Cat 963 and Cat 966 Loaders, NEW, Part Number 3G4308, 3 Available.

CAT 950 and CAT 962 BUCKET EDGES - - #M0061

Bucket Edges for Cat 950 and Cat 962 Wheel Loaders, NEW, Part Number: 1399230, 5 Available.

CAT 936 and CAT 966 BUCKET END BITS - - #M0060

Bucket End Bits for Cat 936 and Cat 966 Wheel Loaders, Part Number: 4T8101, 5 Available.

26.5 x 25 NEW RECAP GOODYEAR TIRE - - #Z0104

NEW Recap Goodyear 26.5 x 25 Radial Tire, One Available.

CAT 963D DBG 18 INCH PADS - - #M0032

Pads Fit Cat 963D Crawler Loaders, 18 Inch DBG Pads. Complete Set - 76 Pads, Part Number 8E4494.

CAT 963 22 INCH PAD - - #M0053

Pad Fits Cat 963 Crawler Loaders, 22 Inch DBG Pad, NEW, Part Number: 2926380E. One Pad Available.