Machine Hours: 11653

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CAT D7R LGP II Crawler Tractor

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  • Caterpillar 3176C Engine
  • REBUILT Caterpillar 3176C Engine
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Differential Steer
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Straight Blade with Tilt
  • NEW Complete CAT Undercarriage
  • 36" SBG Pads
  • Winch is Available
  • Drawbar
  • Wipers, Heater, Lights
  • Radio, Mirror
  • Rated at 258 HP.
  • Approximately 60,000 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

At 11,653 hours, due to high blow-by in the engine, the decision was made to rebuild the engine along with other repairs as noted below: 

Stripped unit for washing.

Removed engine and torque convertor from machine.


Disassembled the torque convertor.

Measured clearances between turbine and stator.

Measured clearances between impellor and stator.

All measurements are within specifications.

Rebearinged and resealed torque convertor with NEW Cat bearings and seals.

Rebearing and resealed the transmission pump.

Installed a NEW transmission input shaft seal.

Installed a NEW transmission wiring harness.

Performed transmission and FNR calibration.


Disassembled the engine down to the bare block.

Sent crankshaft and camshaft out for magniflux and polishing.

REBUILT the cylinder with NEW Cat parts.

REBUILT the head with NEW Cat parts.

Reassembled the engine with NEW Cat cylinder packs.

Installed NEW Cat bearings in bottom end.

Installed NEW Cat camshaft bearings.

Installed NEW REBUILT fuel injectors.

REBUILT the engine oil pump. 

Reassembled the engine using NEW Cat gaskets and seals.

Installed NEW Cat transmission cooler, engine oil cooler and air cooler.

Rebearinged and resealed the engine oil pump.

Installed a NEW Cat water pump.

Installed a NEW fuel priming pump and pressure relief valve.

REBUILT the fan drive hub with NEW bearings and seals.

Sent starter and alternator out for testing and rebuilding.

Installed a NEW engine and torque wiring harness.

Installed a NEW pre-lube harness.


Installed complete NEW Cat undercarriage.

Installed NEW cannon seals on the track adjusters.

Installed NEW pivot shaft seals.

Installed NEW bushings, seals and pins in the equalizer bar track frame ends.

Resealed the track adjusters.


Disassembled the blade and NEW pins and bearings were replaced where needed.

Installed a NEW blade skin on the moldboard.

Inspected all hoses and replaced any worn/brittle or stiff hoses.

Installed NEW A/C accumulator and hoses.

Installed NEW A/C receiver/dryer and hoses to the condenser.

All NEW coolant hoses were installed.

NEW heater and drain hoses were installed.

Installed NEW pins and bushings for the hardnose.

Completed a full 2000 hour service along with installing NEW coolant.

After initial break-in of the engine and torque convertor we cut open the filters to inspect and all were good.

Completed required repairs in the cab.

Installed a NEW seat air compressor.

Upon purchase inspection, the following repairs and servicing was completed at 11104 hours:

Engine oil and filter was changed, cut open and checked for contaminates and it was clean.

Transmission filter was also changed, cut open and checked and it was clean.

Hydraulic filter was changed, cut open and checked and it was also clean.

NEW inner and outer air filters were installed.

Installed a NEW fuel gauge sensor.

Installed NEW fan belts and A/C belt.

Repaired the rear windshield washer pump.

Checked all the lights for proper operation.

Cleaned the heater core assembly.

Rechromed and resealed both lift cylinders.

Following are pressure tests taken by Marcel Equipment Limited technicians:

Engine oil pressure: 25 PSI at low idle/50 PSI at high idle

Transmission lube pressure: 40 PSI at high idle

Hydraulic oil pressure: 6050 PSI (over relief)

Transmission pressure: 410 PSI at low idle/440 PSI at high idle

Fuel pressure: 65 PSI at low idle/85 PSI at high idle 

Torque converter outlet pressure: 70 PSI

Torque converter inlet pressure: 80 PSI

All of the above pressures are within Caterpillar specifications.

This unit is ready to go to work.