CAT 836H LANDFILL COMPACTOR (2011) - Unit #C0521
Machine Hours: 13,570 - ECM Idle Hours: 4789

Photos show unit with flat wheels to protect our concrete. Wheel Options are Available.

CAT 836H Landfill Compactor

Price: Call for details
  • Cat C18 ACERT Engine
  • Cat Certified REBUILT Engine
  • Cat Certified REBUILT Transmission
  • Cat Certified REBUILT Torque Converter
  • Cat Certified REBUILT Transfer Case
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Front Windshield Guard
  • Fire Suppression
  • High Speed Oil Change System
  • Wheel Options are Available
  • Cat U Landfill Blade with Auto Positioning
  • Rear View Camera
  • Swing Away Rear Fenders
  • No Spin Front and Rear Differentials  
  • Additional Lighting Package
  • Stairway and Engine Compartment Lights
  • Lights, Wipers, Heater, Radio
  • Extremely Well Maintained by Caterpillar Dealer
  • All Records are Available
  • Rated at 525 HP.
  • Approximately 118,500 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Upon purchase inspection, Marcel Equipment Limited completed the following:

All covers and guards were removed and machine was then powerwashed.

We cut open the engine oil filter to check for contaminates and it was clean.

Transmission and hydraulic filters were also clean.

We checked the rear differential and found some metal filings. See below repair details.

We checked the front differential and planetary oils for any signs of wear or steel particles. They were clean.

We checked the center articulation and it was good.


CAT Certified Engine REBUILT by Caterpillar dealer.

CAT Certified Transmission REBUILT by Caterpillar dealer.

CAT Certified Torque Converter REBUILT by Caterpillar dealer.

CAT Certified Transfer Case REBUILT by Caterpillar dealer.

Caterpillar dealer completed installation of powertrain components into the chassis.

Caterpillar dealer completed the start-up/commissioning for the unit.

Caterpillar dealer calibrated the transmission.

Caterpillar dealer verified the transmission, torque converter and engine pressures.

Following are the repairs completed by Marcel Equipment Limited:

Due to finding metal filings in the rear axle, the complete axle was disassembled.

Complete rear axle was REBUILT including the differential and wheel ends. NEW bearings and seals were installed.

Installed NEW rear axle trunnion bearings and seals.

Installed differential wear guards on the front and rear axles.

Serviced and repaired the main electrical panel.

Installed NEW heat shield covers on the exhaust system.

Reconditioned and resealed the radiator and cooling assemblies.

Sent out all radiator cores and cooling assemblies for cleaning and pressure testing.

REBUILT the parking brake.

Resealed both steering cylinders.

Installed NEW bearings in the steering cylinders on the rod and barrel ends. 

Resealed the steering neutralizers.

REBUILT the hydraulic steering pump using NEW bearings and seals.

REBUILT the fan pump with NEW bearings and seals.

Installed a NEW CAT reman implement pump.

Linebored the front frame blade mount bores.

Linebored the blade bores.

Installed NEW blade mounting pins.

Replaced all required hoses, tubes and lines.

Installed a REBUILT starter and alternator.

Reconditioned the cab.

Installed a NEW cab fan motor.

REBUILT the STIC steer assembly.

REBUILT the throttle pedal.

Removed and cleaned the evaporator and blower assemblies.

REBUILT the parking brake assembly.

Reconditioned the air conditioning system and installed a NEW dryer.

Disassembled, cleaned and serviced the HVAC system.

Installed a NEW cab fresh air motor.

Repaired miscellaneous switches in the cab.

Verified that all lights and switches are operational.

Serviced the batteries, load tested and cleaned the connections.

All NEW oils and coolant were installed in the machine.

Completed other miscellaneous repairs as required.

Verified the following pressures against Caterpillar specifications:

- Implement pressure

- Pilot pressure

- Steering pressures

- Steering standby pressures

- Brake pressures

- Fan speed

Unit has been sandblasted, primed, painted and detailed in our painting facilities.