Machine Hours: 6104

Unit shown with temporary wheels to protect our concrete. Wheel Options are Available.

CAT 816F II Landfill Compactor

Price: Call for details
  • Caterpillar C9 ACERT Engine
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Block Heater
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • Upgraded Operator Seat to Air Suspension Seat
  • Compactor Wheel Options are Available
  • Front and Rear Striker Bars
  • Cat Straight Landfill Blade
  • Front Window Guard
  • Interior Rear View Mirrors
  • Lights, Radio
  • Rated at 253 HP.
  • Approximately 52,500 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

Prior to Marcel Equipment Limited purchasing this machine, the following was completed:

CAT dealer Installed all NEW fuel injectors at 4274 hours.

CAT dealer installed a NEW HEUI pump at 4873 hours.

Upon arrival to our yard, all covers and guards were removed and this unit was completely powerwashed. Unit was checked over and was then serviced.

Engine oil filter was cut open and checked for any contaminates and it was clean.

Transmission suction strainer was checked and it was clean.

Transmission oil filter was cut open, checked and it was also clean.

Hydraulic filter was cut open and a few metal flakes were found (see repair notes below).

Engine oil was changed.

Transmission oil was changed.

Hydraulic oil was changed.

Front and rear differential oil levels were good and oils were clean.

The following repairs were completed by Marcel Equipment Limited:

Checked the articulation and the rear axle oscillation and they were good.

Checked the fan hub and it was good.

A NEW implement pump cartridge was installed.

A NEW steering pump cartridge was also installed.

All hydraulic pumps were removed, inspected and resealed.  

Resealed the lift cylinder.

REBUILT the lift cylinder yoke assembly.

Installed NEW lift cylinder mounting bearings.

Replaced both steering cylinder pins and bearings on the rod and barrel ends.

Resealed the right hand steering cylinder.

Reconditioned the complete cab.

Upgraded operator seat to an air suspension seat. 

Replaced some of the electrical breakers and serviced the relay panel.

Serviced and cleaned out the complete HVAC system.

Resealed the heater core and evaporator.

All NEW heater hoses were installed.

All NEW a/c lines were installed.

NEW u-joints were installed.

Removed, cleaned and serviced the parking brake assembly.

Installed a NEW fuel sending unit.

Installed NEW engine belts.

Installed a NEW parking brake cable.

Installed a NEW wiper blade.

Installed a NEW downshift switch-on control.

Installed a NEW radio.

Installed a NEW hydraulic tank level sensor.

Checked all hoses and replaced as needed.

Load checked the batteries.  

Checked all grease points and greased unit.

Checked all lights, gauges, switches, etc. for proper operation.

Checked the heater and air conditioning and they were good.

Following are pressures that were taken and recorded:

Brake Cut-In: 1700 PSI - Specs: 1700+-50 PSI

Brake Cut-Out: 2050 PSI - Specs: 2100 +-50 PSI

Accumulator: 1000 PSI - Specs: 1000 PSI

Main Hydraulics: 2260 PSI - Specs: 2250 +-50 PSI

Main Steering: 2480 PSI - Specs: 320 PSI

Torque Inlet: 75 PSI - Specs: 120 Max. PSI

Torque Outlet: 72 PSI - Specs: 60-80 PSI

Trans Lube: 45 PSI - Specs: 30-50 PSI

Engine Oil: 73 PSI

Fuel Pressure: 72 PSI

Unit has been sandblasted, primed, painted and detailed in our painting facilities.

This is an excellent unit.