Machine Hours: 10957

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CAT 816F II Landfill Compactor

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  • Caterpillar C9 ACERT Engine
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Powershift Transmission
  • Cab (ROPS) with Air Conditioning
  • No Spin Front Differentials
  • No Spin Rear Differentials
  • High Speed Oil Change System
  • Front and Rear Striker Bars
  • CAT Plus Compaction Wheels
  • Wheel Cleaner Bars
  • CAT Straight Landfill Blade
  • Front Windshield Guard
  • Rear Radiator Guard
  • Air Suspension Seat
  • Lights, Wipers, Heater, Radio
  • Inner and Outer Mirrors
  • CAT Dealer Maintained - Records are Available
  • Ex-Municipal Unit
  • Rated at 253 HP.
  • Approximately 52,000 LBS.

Repair / Condition Report

In October 2012 at 10,671 hours, six NEW reman injectors were installed by the servicing Caterpillar dealer.

In April 2012 at 10,084 hours, all NEW rad cores were installed by the servicing Caterpillar dealer.

Prior to purchase, Marcel Equipment Limited had the servicing Caterpillar dealer complete a TA inspection of the machine and the following was completed:

Checked engine oil, transmission oil, hydraulic oil and coolant and they were at operating levels.

Cut open and inspected engine, hydraulic, and transmission filters. They were all clean and no metal was found.

Machine has been parked in the shop on a concrete floor for some time and there are no oil spots on the floor.

Operated machine and it operates normally. Both gears work in forward and reverse.

Blade raises, lowers and float works.

Machine steers normally and the brakes work.

Steering cylinders have very little wear at the rod end of the pin/bushing.

Center hitch is tight and couldn’t see any movement on the hitch.

Rear axle trunnion is a bit loose and will be repaired - See notes below:

Cylinder mounting has very little wear on the bearings.

No major leaks or problems were found.

Upon arrival, all covers were removed from this machine and machine was completely washed.

A complete operational and visual inspection was completed.

Engine filter was cut open and checked for contaminates, it was clean.

Engine was then serviced.

Transmission oil filter was cut open and checked for contaminates and it was clean.

Transmission suction screen was checked and it was clean.

Transmission oil was changed.

Hydraulic filters were cut open as well and both were clean.

Front and rear differentials and all four wheel planetaries were checked, oil levels were good and oils were clean.

Inspected the articulation hitch for play and it was good.

Verified the engine, torque and transmission pressures. All are within OEM specifications.

Verified operation of all switches.

Marcel Equipment completed the following repairs:

Removed wheels and seal guards from machine and cleaned.

Rebearinged and resealed the rear axle trunnion mounts.

Resealed the brake section on the rear axle.

Completed bottom end bearing roll-in on the engine - NEW main and rod bearings were used.

Inspected the engine oil pump.

Changed the engine oil pressure sensor.

Checked the drive line and u-joints.

Serviced and cleaned the HVAC unit.

Serviced and cleaned the electrical bay.

Repaired the wheel cleaner bars.

Resealed the steering cylinders.

Installed NEW bearings on the rod end of the steering cylinders.

Installed a NEW A/C belt.

Installed NEW batteries and serviced connections.

Replaced any required hoses

Completed miscellaneous repairs as required.

Inspected all grease lines and repaired as required.

This unit will has been sandblasted, primed, painted and detailed in our painting facility.