For our reconditioned units, these are the steps which our machines are put through during our reconditioning process and before delivery takes place to our customers:

Prior to purchase, we or our agent inspect the machines thoroughly including inspection of the oils from all compartments in order to weed out any machine that may have any serious mechanical problems.

After purchase, all panels and covers are removed and machines are then thoroughly cleaned.

Machines are completely serviced in our shops; all filters and strainers are opened and checked closely for contaminates. Differential and final drive oils are changed and also checked for contaminates. If contaminates are found components are removed and rebuilt.

The engine high and low idle speeds and torque converter stall speeds are checked to ensure correct engine horsepower and that the transmission and torque converter are operating at optimum efficiency.

Transmission and hydraulic system pressures are checked to help assess condition.

Electrical system is checked and repaired if necessary.

Fuel system is also checked and repaired if necessary.

Cooling system airflow and temperature is checked and visual inspection is completed.

Our shop foreman then completes his inspection; listing any items that require attention or repair.

All needed repairs are completed by our knowledgeable staff and checked off the list after completion.
Machines are then operated and rechecked for any further required repairs.

Machines then move to our cosmetic repair shop where railings, steps and sheet metal repairs are completed, if necessary.

Machines are then taped up, sandblasted, primed, painted and detailed in our painting facility.

Our shop foreman then reinspects the machines.

Air conditioning and fire suppression systems (if equipped) are then serviced and repaired as necessary.

Finally, our shop foreman completes one last visual and operational inspection before delivery takes place.

Machines are work ready and in top operating condition when delivered to our customers.